Tasty food is a cause

HOPe Restaurant is a restaurant with excellent food and noble mission, created and managed by the Bulgarian NGO "Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion".


The restaurant offers carefully selected menu complying with both the Bulgarian traditions and tastes, and with the global trends in cooking.

Besides a diverse menu, being a social enterprise, HOPe Restaurant offers its clients the opportunity to support the "House of Opportunity" Programme through their orders in the restaurant.

By buying food from the restaurant, you help the "Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion" maintain the "House of Opportunity" Programme - a network of observed homes for young people who have grown up without parental care.

*Already 7 years "House of Opportunity" Programme has been working to break the cycle of abandonment by helping young people brought up in institutional care to gain skills for independent living in order to become dignified and contributing members of our society.

** The "Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion" (FSCI) was founded as an independent Bulgarian NGO in 2008 with the idea to continue and develop the work of the British organization the Trussell Trust in Bulgaria. FSCI has been working for the social development and integration of disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities in Bulgaria.

*** In 2015 FSCI won a grant from Rotary Club Sofia International, District 1100 eClub to launch and develop the restaurant as social enterprise that supports the "House of Opportunity" Programme.

In 2016. FSCI launched range "Social Enterprise" with a major project "HOPe Restaurants".